Tubal Factor Infertility

I just read a post about tubal factor infertility. Something I had never heard of to be honest…but something I do in fact have. When I had my lap back in January it was quite obvious my fallopian tubes were damaged. The RE initially thought it was due to an infection but after the lap realized it was just a side effect of the endo. He told me that I have a very high risk of ectopic pregnancy due to this tubal defect. But it never really sunk in until I read this article…and I never even knew it had a name…tubal factor infertility.

Let’s see that makes 1-2-3 infertility factors:

  1. PCOS
  2. Endometriosis
  3. Tubal

On another note, the IUD is going well. Every now and then I’ll get the sensation that I’m going to start my period and I still have very minimal spotting. All in all, it’s not too bad though. I have one more appointment to schedule to check on it. Then I should be RE free for a while. I think our bank account could use the break ;)


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  1. i had an ectopic pregnancy, i was terrified of having another since your chance for having a second is somewhere around 10-25%, but luckily this one made it to my uterus. i hope you remain ectopic free! glad to hear the iud seems to be going well.

  2. i have just found your blog . . . and am both encouraged and saddened by what I have read. I am also PCOS and Endo and am 2 weeks into Lupron (starting to feel pretty bad this morning). The endometriomas in my ovaries are rather large and we’re going in to drain them with a ultrasound-guided aspiration technique in November. I’m beginning to feel so nervous—fear of infection and being awake during a surgery and not knowing if my tubes are also blocked at this point (it’s been 2 years since my last HSG and we aren’t doing one for a few more weeks yet). Thank you for writing so openly about your experiences.

    • I’m so sorry you have to endure the same stuff. It really is so frustrating. I’m glad you found some encouragement here but I know it’s hard to read about all the bad things. If you ever have any questions or just want someone to talk to that has “been there, done that” you’ve found the place! I have to admit though, I’ve never heard of aspirating endometriomas… sounds pretty horrific if you ask me… I’d rather me knocked out for that!!! Also, in reference to Lupron, make sure you carry around a hand fan or some ice chips ;) it took a few weeks to start but those hot flashes are relentless! Best to you… and btw I love your sewing… GORGEOUS!!!

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