So what’s new with you?

Well I’m back after quite a hiatus. I just couldn’t get myself to concentrate long enough to discuss anything new going on with me and my uncooperative body. It’s been a little (well maybe a lot) stressful these last few months. My body is trying to adjust coming off of Lupron, as well as, adjusting to the I.U.D. I’m actually finding myself getting chilly these days…I almost forgot what that was like. I haven’t had a hot flash in several weeks. But now that it’s getting cooler outside, I wouldn’t mind one…just to warm up the toes ;)

I had my annual appointment last month. Honestly I thought they were crazy when the RE called to schedule it. As if I hadn’t been poked, prodded, tested enough this year. But things still weren’t feeling quite right so I went anyways…against my will. And wouldn’t you believe…I had bacterial vaginosis…AGAIN! Words cannot express the frustration I felt when I heard those words. I broke down sitting in my car and called the DH. I’m not sure he knew what to make of my sobbing. But he encouraged me nonetheless. Luckily this time they gave me an oral antibiotic. Seems to have done the trick (crossing fingers).

This past week I’ve been having a period…I think. I haven’t had one in 9 months. But this is nothing in comparison to what they were before the surgery. I think I would have laughed at the thought of using a panty liner…alone. So I’m counting my blessings. Just wondering when it will end.

Tomorrow morning I start something new. I’ll be trying out a physical therapist for my vaginismus. I have to be at their office at 7:30 in the morning!  Man I hope I can be there on time. That is crazy early for me. I’m a little bit scared and anxious but still pretty hopeful that I may have found a cure. Only time will tell obviously. I’ll try to post my progress.

…by the way…it feels good to be back :)


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