I’m at a loss. I am now faced with having to decide on an alternative to suppressing Endo as I believe my IUD must come out. I had BV again and a yeast infection and it can only be attributed to one thing… my IUD. It’s crazy because, had these symptoms happened in someone else, I would have told them to remove it at once. But I’ve been so torn. I really like not having periods and the fact that it’s maintenance free… no daily pill. However, I’m so over the infections… as I believe I still have an infection even after a run on antibiotics. My left ovary is really bothering me today to… making me wonder if a cyst is popping up. I’m really starting to understand why my sister didn’t pursue birth control. What’s the point anyways? It just screws with your body. Hmmm… it’s days like today that I really wish I were normal. :(


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  1. oh gosh, that is SUCH a bummer, i know others who have had great success with their iud’s, i’m sorry it’s not working for you.

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