My “Belly” pic!

Well here it is… in all its glory… my official paper pregnancy! Ain’t it purdy ;) Let me just tell you it is such a relief to have some of that stuff over with… too many introspective questions! I think my brain might expode ;) But seriously, it has made DH and I talk about some pretty important stuff and it only confirmed how much we really know each other. I would recommend that everyone to be forced to answer questions about their childhood, career, marriage, and interests… but who would actually do it if there wasn’t a wonderful prize at the end?!

So exactly 25 days from the time we received our package in the mail, I made the trip to drop it back off at the agency… now we are awaiting the call for our first interview (that is… if I turned everything in correctly… cross your fingers ;)


2 Responses

  1. good luck :)

  2. Great job on the turn around time….you have to run it like project managment and give yourself deadlines on the paperwork…….

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