Well before I get to needles I guess I should give myself a pat on the back for finishing up my PT for Vaginismus! It was bittersweet for me…and I didn’t expect that. I really don’t think my therapist had any idea what she did for me…but it was profound. I found myself getting teary just filling out the comment card. I had the hardest time trying to write just the right words. She was amazing and was the answer I had been searching for…for NINE YEARS! I hope she gets a raise ;)

This week we are coming to a close on our formal application for adoption. I have one more question to answer on my self-study: What are your skills and capacities? What areas would you like to develop? Uhhhh…I don’t know! It’s really hard answering such introspective questions…I mean who thinks about all that anyways. Oh well, still pondering on it. I actually rewrote about 3/4 of my answers the other night. I chose to be a little more real than formal. I think I made a wise decision. We should be ready on Monday to hand it in. AND I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Now back to needles. We needed to schedule a physical (well sort of) with our PCP. We needed the average health/habits rundown and a TB test, HIV test and drug test. Our PCP of course doesn’t do urine drug tests so I have to find somewhere else that does. Of course right?! But can I just say that some people should be banned from using needles?! I had one of the worst technicians ever. It freaking hurt. Which people just tell me all the time, “you’ll just feel a pinch.” Um, yeah right. It really hurt and now I have an enormous bruise to show for it. Ok so I’m done whining but seriously SHE SUUUCKED! whew! just had to get that out!


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  1. I hate bad needle users! I have tiny veins so I always warn them to use the smallest one but they never listen.
    Good Luck with the questions!

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