Adoption Brain?!

I’ve heard countless times about pregnant women forgetting things, otherwise known as “pregnancy brain” and I’m beginning to wonder if the same thing happens to women undergoing adoption. This is why:

At the end of January we were sort in between prelim and formal applications. I had read up enough about the process that I knew we would be needing our birth and marriage records. So I looked up the appropriate information on the two states involved, printed out paperwork, signed a check and sent it all out in the mail on January 26th. I was so proud of myself for being on the ball, for actually being ahead of the game.

Now let’s fast forward to yesterday morning. I’m on my way to church and notice we had forgotten to pick up our mail from the mailbox on Saturday. I pulled up and saw an envelope from the vital records department. YES! I was elated. I laid the envelope down on the passenger seat and drove on to church. As I was sitting at a stop light I decided to open it to see the goodies inside. Well wouldn’t you know it…all my documents had been returned…with the check. I HAD FORGOTTEN TO SIGN THE DOCUMENTS!!! seriously. I was so upset with myself…I just found my DH in church and quietly wept on his shoulder. I couldn’t help it. Any type of  setback is heartbreaking these days. Not to mention they didn’t get to my paperwork until the 11th of February…so do the math on that one. I just know I have another 3 or so weeks to wait again. Just more practice I guess. So DH signed the documents and I had them ready to go out today…again…and lo and behold its PRESIDENTS’ DAY! wouldn’t you know it ;)

On a good note, Valentine’s Day was wonderful…olympics, time with family and friends…it couldn’t have been any better :) I’m still counting my blessings.


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  1. awwww, don’t feel too bad, i don’t think it will hold things up too much. :)

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