Special Delivery!


Found a nice thick envelope in my mailbox from Bethany Christian Services yesterday. I guess they like us enough to let us fill out the rest of the formal application :) Thank goodness I sent off for our birth certificates and marriage license last week. Here is a list of things we need to fill out now:

  1. We have to sign the “Notice of Privacy Practices”
  2. We each have to complete a “Self-Study Form” (a detailed personal history from childhood to present)
  3. We must get medical examinations and have our physician fill out our report forms
  4. We both have to fill out “Sworn Disclosure Statements” (any past crime convictions)
  5. We have to complete our “Financial Statement” (income and expenses)
  6. Provide our 1040
  7. Complete both our family histories
  8. We have to sign a “Parental Discipline Policy”
  9. We have to sign to our understanding of the  “Corporal Punishment Prohibition”
  10. We have to sign to our “Statement of Faith”
  11. Fill out and sign our “Statement of Intent” (basically our Last Will & Testament)

Oh and included was an invoice for $450.00.

…piece of cake right?! ;)


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  1. very excited for you!

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