Testing fate…or faith?

It’s been over a year since I’ve allowed myself to roam aisles full of baby things. There was once a time when I walked through the sea of pink and blue with lots of hope and promise…I wasn’t pregnant…but in my mind I could have been. I could have been like every other mother roaming there with me. I just knew that one day I’d be receiving and buying all those things. Not even once thinking things could be different.

I mentioned to my DH the other day that I don’t want to jinx anything by looking at baby things. A part of me wants to figure some stuff out now…you know the important stuff like picking out nursery themes ;) I don’t want to wait till the last second to pull it all together. I want to be prepared. He point blank said me, “God doesn’t believe in jinx…,” and I believe him…or at least I’m trying to. I walked around a baby store today during my lunch break. It was bitter-sweet. Everything seems so off limits. But that hasn’t stopped us from picking out bedding…bottles…crib…baby carrier, etc.  Now we’re just waiting for the call so we can bring it all home :) and baby of course too!


2 Responses

  1. I have a friend who actually bought her baby bedding (Noah’s Ark theme) before she was pregnant. She said it was her step of faith, and God gave them twins – a boy and a girl! It was surreal for me when my husband and I finally got to pick up the scanner at Babies R Us and register for baby things. I can’t wait to hear how the Lord blesses you with a baby of your own!

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