I.U.D Side Effects…

So I haven’t really talked about the I.U.D. in a while. I think my body is finally getting used to it. They say it takes up to 6 months and it took me 5. A very LONG 5 months! I no longer spot every. single. day. Thank God! But I do have what I guess you would consider a period every 2-3 months. I can always tell its going to happen when my breasts get incredibly tender…mostly the nipples. This is something I never experienced normally. It lasts about a week to 2 weeks before things start happening. Everything else feels just like normal though…the back pain…fatigue…minor cramping. Just wanted to let anyone else out there know that the breast tenderness is most definitely a side effect but as soon as your period starts it goes away…like magic :)


3 Responses

  1. My Doctor wants to give me one of these but i have no babies yet so how does it work? like is it really worth it with endo? does it cause you more pain or helps??

  2. I have to say I’m rather torn about the IUD. One the one side… I LOVE IT. I seriously don’t have periods. any. more. I tried birth control but I still spotted a lot causing more endometriomas to form. Then I was on lupron (which obviously does the trick at keeping endo at bay). But it’s not good to stay on that for too long. So the next best thing was the IUD. The only issues I have are infections. I don’t know if this is common or not but it has been for me. But I seriously just keep putting off having the IUD removed because it works so well :/ After the 6 months or so… you really forget even having it.

    And I know they say only women who have been pregnant should use it. I have never had children… so I think you’ll be fine. I think it’s because of the cervix dilation they have to do to insert it. Just read up on the possible complications to make an informed decision.

    I didn’t have much pain with my endo so I can’t say if it relieves pain but I do know it does a great job at suppressing endo (my ultrasounds have proved it).

  3. Oh I almost forgot… here is my post talking about the actual process of having it inserted. It’s not fun… but worth it in the long run.


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