It Has Officially Begun!

Sitting in my office this morning finally focusing enough to get some work done and I hear my cell phone voicemail notification. I look at the caller I.D. and read “Bethany Christian Services!” My heart stops. I listen. They want to work with us!!! I am so excited…again! So it has officially begun… how on earth will I get anything done today?! ;)


2 Responses

  1. Fingers and toes crossed for you guys. You’re going to be inspiring me cos I’m so far behind where you are!

    • your comment means the world to me! i feel like its been a long journey to get to where we are right now. But i also feel like if my ups and downs can help just one person out there it was so worth it all.

      p.s. way to go with your attempt at dilators! before long you’ll be movin up in size :)

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