The Best fit?

As I’m filling out my Preliminary Application I come across a question that I find very difficult to answer.

Describe the characteristics of the child you believe would best fit into your family…

How do you answer this?! Yes, there are traits I would love our child to have. But I want to be realistic about expectations. God blesses each child with a unique personality and I know He will find the right child that meshes with us. Of course I’m introverted and my DH is extroverted so we cover a wide spectrum of personalities ;)

Tonight I’ll finish the six important questions about my faith and it will all be ready for drop-off! I’m going to call the office to see if they are open on Saturday. I REALLY want to drop it off on the 23rd…exactly 1 year to the date since I had my surgery. The surgery that confirmed my infertility. I’m so loving the timing :D


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