Tonight is our first meeting about domestic adoption. We are still not sure if inter-country or domestic is for right for us…so this is a start. I’m staying away from negative stories about it because I want to start this journey out with excitement and hope (even though at the moment I’m watching a TV show where the birthmother changes her mind…really?! ugh, so heartwrenching). Anyways, I don’t want to be jaded from the get go…but I still don’t want to be naive. It’s risky…oh my goodness so risky. However, it’s hard not to rest on the fact that God is in this. I know he’s gonna meet us wherever this journey leads us.

p.s. My husband wants to start his own blog chronicling our whole process. Hopefully that will be up soon…it will be mostly vlogging…he’s a video guy ;)


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  1. good luck at the meeting, i hope you get lots of good info!

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