Modesty? What modesty?!

I’m preparing for my next appointment today with my GP to check on this bladder thing. I counted 15 trips to the restroom yesterday. Good times. So while I’m looking forward to getting things figured out, I realized I’ll once again be “examined” by yet another Dr. I have counted 9…NINE…different Drs that have been all up in my business this past year. It’s becoming second nature to walk into a exam room and strip down…but I miss the appts where I get to keep my clothes ON!


YESSS…this was a keep your clothes ON appt! We are going to do a trial with Detrol to see if it will cut down the frequency. If this doesn’t seem to help in 2-3 weeks we’ll up the dose and if that doesn’t work then I’ll be referred to a urologist.


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  1. hmmmm… while your doctor is a doctor and i’m not, i’m wondering why they would just give you detrol instead of sending you to a urologist to try and figure out what the problem is. i guess i’m just concerned that the detrol will just cover up a problem if there is one.

    • you know…after i got home last nite and thought about it…i really wasnt happy with the result. but ill give it a go for a couple of weeks. i still dont think an overactive bladder is my problem. i think im not able to empty my bladder enough.

      im so used to this though. i always have to do the legwork on my own. im the one that asked about vaginismus…bingo i have it…PCOS…have that too. im on a role ;) but finding info on urinary symptoms that match mine is proving to be more difficult.

  2. Did you ever find out what was causing your bladder difficulty? I would get checked for Interstitial Cystitis if it has not resolved itself. It is very common with PDF, vaginismus, edometriosis et al….

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