Not sure about this…

But I think there is still something going on with my bladder. Back when I had my surgery I had to have 2 catheters and was unable to urinate normally for weeks. I noticed this past summer that my urethral opening was rather red…and even my drs have noticed this. So far I’ve only been diagnosed with BV three times. I was negative for UTI last November. I don’t know if I’m urinating excessively (about 1-2x an hour) but I have noticed that when I try to relax my muscles during PT I get a strong sensation that I need to urinate. Just last night I peed right before I started PT then I had to pause in the middle to pee and then had to pee again afterwards. I’m worried that this could hinder my progress. I’m thinking of calling my GP to get this looked at. This is all I need. Another Dr all up in my business…I’m going for a record here!


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  1. i would definitely talk to a doctor about that, 1-2 times an hour is alot, that’s how much i have to go with this stent that i have in my bladder, maybe even ask your gp for a referral to a urologist.

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