I heart you Insurance…

OK not really. While I appreciate having insurance, it has saved me lots of money I’m sure, but dealing with an insurance company is plain agony. I realize I have been seeing a fertility specialist, at first I thought I had PCOS and they could help me get pregnant. But as you know things took a different turn. So every appointment I’ve had since has been strictly endo related. I have never had a fertility treatment. Not ever. So when I came across some claims that had been denied I had them resubmit the claims. It just boggled my mind that one lab would be covered and another would not (the same type of lab mind you!) So I get a letter in the mail yesterday stating that the board decided that these claims were obviously infertility related and that they would in fact be denied…again. WTF?! SERIOUSLY?! I can’t stand it when someone makes a decision on my behalf without even knowing the facts!!! I make a call to get to the bottom of it and in a nutshell the fact that I was seeing an RE automatically flags the claim. Makes no difference what the treatment was actually for…endo. So why were many of my appointments approved?! Just amazed and awaiting my appeals package in the mail.


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  1. you should call your re’s office and see if they can talk to the insurance company for you too, that is ridiculous and also kind of the re’s fault, they should have known better than to code something as an if treatment.

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