PT appt in just a few…

Leaving for an overdue PT appt in a bit. Start with the dilators today (the dilators I’ve had for probably 6-7 years and never had proper direction on how to use them!). I’m hoping I’ve made some progress and that the left side that was so tense last time has settled down. We shall see. Updates later.

**UPDATE** We are making progress. Slowly. Still feeling a considerable amount of discomfort but my muscles are learning to relax. The dilator was ok. We’ll be using it mostly to stretch the muscles. Darn those muscles…RELAX already!!! I’ll be doubling up for the next four weeks. So eight appts in January. Will I survive? Better yet…will my bank account?! The start of a new year means a new deductible to meet…of $1000. So all the appts I’ve had so far will not count against this new deductible :( Evaluation alone was $200. Have no idea what each appt will cost. Don’t wanna know either! Yay me and my stupid body!


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