PT for Vaginismus…

So I’m making progress. Slowly. I keep searching for that glimmer of hope of someday not having pain…and every week my PT gives it to me :) I’ve been going for about a month now. I try to keep up with my exercises 3x a day. This week she added more. Here is the lowdown.

  1. tense pelvic floor muscles & hold for 7 sec then release for 10 sec – 3 reps of 10
  2. quick holds and releases – 3 reps of 10
  3. lay down with knees bent and feet bottoms touching – hold for 30 seconds 2x
  4. lean against wall with legs bent to allow pelvic floor muscles to drop

We have come to the conclusion that its basically the muscles at the entrance to the vagina that cause all of the pain. And the muscles on the left side of the vaginal wall are extremely tense. Not so with the right side…those are just right. We think it could be from surgery trauma. So in order to relax those muscles we used electrical pulses through the biofeedback probe (ugh that sounds terrible). It sent a numbing weird sensation for 5 sec and stopped for 10 sec. This went on for 10 minutes. I have no idea if it really worked but I’ll do anything at this point. Next week we try dilators. Joy.


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