PT for Pelvic Pain: Evaluation

How do I express the joy I feel at finding a PT that works with pelvic pain? Or the fact that she is absolutely wonderful? I made it to my first appointment this morning (on time!) for the evaluation. I was a little anxious but more excited to finally be taking a step towards a cure to Vaginismus. And after today, I feel such a hope that finally…FINALLY…something may go right for us!

We are looking at roughly 16 weeks of treatment. One visit to the PT per week. This could be costly…but dangit who cares at this point! We are budgeting it in. First the PT did an internal exam. Touching each muscle group to test my reaction. Then I did some pelvic floor contractions so she could feel how strong the muscles were. After this we did a biofeedback test. This test was amazing. I could visually see what my muscles were doing (as with Vaginismus you have no control over these muscles.) Basically they insert a probe about the size of a tampon in and then connect it to a computer. A chart comes up and it displays the pattern of movement in graph form. This is where we found some astonishing results. My muscles NEVER stop contracting. EVER. They never completely relax. I can’t remember what the units were to measure but lets say at a restful state your muscles should read 3 units. Mine read roughly 16. When I would contract it would be about 20 units and when I would relax it would go back to 16 (when it should go down to 3). Get the idea? These findings also mean I have very weak muscles. Mainly because they are overworked. The PT made this analogy: When you have a strenuous run you tend to feel sore afterwards…well this is how my pelvic muscles feel all the time. Ouch!

So what is the prescription for my muscle problem? Kegels for now.

  1. Hold for 3 seconds; Rest for 10 seconds; 10 reps; 3 times a day
  2. Quick up/down; 10 reps; 3 times a day

I think I can manage that.

Oh…and did I mention I was excited about this?!


3 Responses

  1. wow, i had no idea that there were pt’s who did this kind of work. i hope that it offers the relief you have been looking for.

  2. thanks kat – I can always count on you for support…hope everything is going well with you and the little one :)

  3. Hmm…maybe this will help me with mine! I may have to find myself a physical therapist!

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