Mirena I.U.D.

Had the pleasure of having an IUD inserted yesterday. Um yeah…sooo not fun. Took my DH with me…bless his heart. I think he was more traumatized than me.

First I had an ultrasound which showed very good news. NO MORE ENDO. Even the endometriomas that showed up after surgery are gone! So there is a victory. Second I had the IUD inserted. I was very anxious about it so that probably had something to do with my reaction. The whole hands and feet going numb and tingley. They had to stop mid-way to get me a cold cloth for my head and some cold water. So not only did I get my cervix dilated once but twice because of the break. Lovely. Anyways…its a three person process. I had a nurse guiding him in with the ultrasound (on my belly) and another nurse handing him all the stuff. Like the metal rods used to dilate the cervix. He first numbed me up a little bit but when he was inserting the rods…um yeah…not terribly painful but def crampy. Like a bad menstrual cramp. This happened several times until it was dilated enough to receive the IUD. Then he put the IUD in (now that hurt…I even jumped a little..but it was quick.) He cut the string and removed everything. I layed there for about 15 minutes until they brought me my Lupron shot. We splurged on frozen yogurt afterwards :)

I slept most of the evening and night. I had some slight cramping but nothing too bad. I have had some bleeding but very little. I am feeling out of sorts today though. I just want to be alone…no interaction from anybody…but I’m working so thats impossible. Oh well. So glad its over and hoping it was all worth it :)


4 Responses

  1. i hope it wasn’t too bad and you are feeling better soon.

  2. thanks kat…i am feeling physically better but a little emotional…i presume its from all the hormones coursing through my body right now ;) heres to my last month on lupron!!!

  3. I had a Mirena IUD inserted a little over a month ago, and my insertion was really rough. I was crampy and bleeding for about 48 hours, then felt pretty much fine. I wasn’t coming off hormones though, was not on any hormones before getting the IUD. I had three weeks of minor bloating, light cramps, sore boobs, spotting and feeling emotional (very PMS like), then poof, it all went away and now I feel great! It can take six months for your body to fully adjust, so I am just sort of riding it out at this point and expecting pretty much anything. But overall, I feel really good. Good luck! I’m sure you will feel great in no time.

    Also, for all sorts of IUD related info check out the IUD_Divas livejournal group, excellent resource.

  4. anon – thanks for the info. i am feeling really out of sorts today which really does seem like PMS. i think ive been through every emotion today…and everyone around me has felt it too…those poor innocent people ;) i cant wait to feel normal again!

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