Unscheduled Dr Appt…

I decided yesterday that since I was having an IUD inserted in a couple of weeks that I needed to be sure everything was good to go “down there.” I scheduled an appointment yesterday to go in and have a culture done. The last few weeks I’d been experiencing some burning with what little vaginal discharge there was (lupron dries you out!). Come to find out I have Bacterial Vaginosis. Which the doctor said commonly occurs with those that “scrub” too much. A little soap gets in and screws everything up. Nice. I have a feeling it’s because I’m so dry and not able to “self clean” if you know what I mean. The Dr prescribed Cleocin Ovules…three little suppositories to use for the next three nights. Pretty easy. However, when I opened the package they only provide one applicator?! Wouldn’t you think that when you are dealing with a bacterial infection you would want to use a different applicator with each ovule…not rewash the same one?! This shocked me. Also, they give you two options for inserting these little things. Standing up with knees bent or laying down. I tried the standing up thing first…FAIL! It fell right back out!! So laying down is the way to go…just be close to your bed as they melt pretty fast.

While I’m glad I made the appointment…I did have one thing very troublesome happen. I think since being diagnosed with Endo, it has added another phobia for me. When the Dr inserted the speculum yesterday, I about went through the roof. Like bring tears to your eyes kind of pain. She was asking me if I felt pain from the swab from where ever she was rubbing but I just told her, “I have know idea what you’re talking about…I can only focus on the pain from the speculum!” My vaginismus has gotten so much worse and I’m so saddened by this. My next step is some professional help…if I can find it. So far none of my Dr’s have been very helpful in this aspect of my health. It has been such a struggle in the last 8 years. A very painful one…both emotionally and physically. Right now I just want to break down. But I won’t…what good will it do?! Now I’m feeling more anxious about the next appointment…Lupron injection/Pelvic Anatomy exam/IUD insertion on the 18th. Which only heightens the pain vaginismus can bring. I need prayer…lots of it!


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  1. i have had the dreaded bacterial vaginosis before, it sucks. you can just wash the applicator after each use, and if you’re not comfortable using it multiple times you can just use your finger, you don’t have to use the applicator. i always make sure that the bar soap we get for the shower is NOT anti-bacterial soap in hopes that this will help me not ever get that infection again.

    • good call on the anti-bacterial soap. i just bought a different type of soap about 3 weeks ago…i don’t think my body likes it too much. time to go back to the old stuff.

  2. I know that feeling – like you’re gonna break down but what good will it do. I still break down. It’s so not cool when it happens at Church or at weddings!

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