Up late, worrying again…

Just realized it’s just a few days away from August. I should be excited because this month I’ll receive my last Lupron injection. However, it’s also sinking in that I made the decision to have and IUD inserted the same day. From the get go I’ve been worried about the pain of insertion and from reading posts online I have every reason to be :( Pelvic exams have been extremely unpleasant that last few times (thanks vaginismus!) and after reading about all this uterus measuring and “sounding” (whatever the heck that is) I’m a little…anxious. Also, I’m curious if anyone out there has been on Lupron and Mirena at the same time. Could this possibly eliminate any spotting, as I haven’t had a period in 5 months? Probably not…I’m going to load up on some painkillers before I go (like aleve…wish I still had something stronger ;) to reduce the cramping everyone talks about.

Anyways, I’ve had the privilegeĀ of helping out some friends lately…which has been amazing for me. It has come to my attention that not one but two dear friends have both scheduled laps for possible endo. It really saddens me but somehow makes what I have going on worth it. It almost had me on a “high” being able to share my experiences and to be a shoulder in what can seem like the loneliest place ever! I don’t want to be so secretive anymore…it’s much more therapeutic to let it all out!

Other things worth mentioning:

1. Bone scan went well. Easiest thing ever. Technician said I had a very nice spine…young and healthy :) Strange thing to hear but I took it as a compliment. I guess they aren’t used to someone my age having the test done. Still no results but I’m sure everything is fine.

2. I have to schedule a pelvic exam (ultrasound) soon to see how everything looks since my last vaginal ultrasound. In my 30 day post-op appt an endometrioma had already appeared. Hope that sucker is gone!

3. Lupron symptoms as of late: headaches, hot flashes, moodiness (get angry at the drop of a hat…I understand my mother so much better now ;) INSOMNIA. Some nights it takes forever for me to fall asleep…other times I wake up in the middle of the night for hours at a time. LAME! Increased appetite…meaning my clothes are fitting a little too tight these days.

Hopefully I’ll have good news to report after my next exam. Wish me luck :)


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  1. woohoo, your last lupron shot, now THAT is something to celebrate!

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