Bone Scan

Just last week I had a chance to talk to my RE about some symptoms brought on by Lupron. Mainly the intense fatigue…and joint pain. This is our plan of attack. I will schedule a bone scan just to make sure that the joint pain I’m having isn’t being caused by some bone density loss (already?). Then I’ll finish out my 6 months (2 more injections left) and on the 6th injection they will insert and IUD into my cervix (is this a painful procedure…something tells me it is…) I haven’t done much research on IUDs but my RE highly recommends it as it essentially does the same thing as Lupron just without the side effects (oh and no AF either…praise GOD!! ;)

So there you have it…our next step in the medical world. I have to say I feel a little relieved as this buys more time for us.


2 Responses

  1. one of my friends has an iud, she didn’t say it was super painful but did say she had quite a bit of spotting/bleeding at first.

  2. Hi… I’ve been out of the loop for a while. I’m sorry you’re still struggling but it’s good that you’re still moving forward with it all…

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