Praying for guidance…

(Now before I get into what I’ve been pondering I want to clarify that this my personal opinion concerning my life. I am the very proud aunt to three gorgeous IVF babies…so I’m not against it in any way.)

I have really struggled with reasons why I’ve been burdened with infertility. Something that “should”come so naturally by God’s design somehow doesn’t. I sometimes wonder if I have a greater purpose? If for some reason I am “chosen” to open my heart and home to someone who desperately needs it? Sounds silly I’m sure…as there are plenty of people out there that adopt to add to their family…not just start it. Still, it makes me wonder…

I’m no stranger to adoption. I met my best friend at age 5. Her entire family was adopted. So to an extent, I understand the wonderfulness and heartache that come along with it…but mostly from an adoptee standpoint. I remember very clearly, as a child,  the tears she shed over the birth mom she never knew (as most adoptions were private in those days.) She was too young to understand the circumstances of her abandonment…she realized much later in life that she had been guaranteed a much better life (She has since met her birth parents…who witnessed her get married…how amazing is that!)

I am sharing this story because I have always wondered why she was placed in my life. Were there lessons to be learned? Was I learning how to “parent” an adopted child…how to be sensitive to their hearts…emotions? My husband and I have talked about opening our home to a child…and we feel pretty strongly about it. But are still praying to be sure we are making the best decision. I sometimes feel like continuing with fertility treatment would be pretty selfish on my part (not to mention it just doesn’t feel right)…when there are millions of children out there in desperate need of parents. And you know what? We’re here. We’re here willing and wanting to be parents…so it just seems to fit. They need us…and well…we need them too.

So right now I’m just trying to feel it out…reading up on some agencies. We are looking into international…and it looks overwhelming…but so exciting. So far I’ve received info on Bethany Christian Services and Holt International

So bear with me as we look for some pretty life changing answers. I’ll be sure to blog about what we find out in the next couple of months as we know quite a few people who have chosen to internationally adopt as well :)


3 Responses

  1. How wonderful that God is giving you some direction and peace — it is SUCH a big decision. I look forward to reading about your research and next steps.

  2. if you feel that adoption is an option for you than you should do it!

  3. Love this pro adoption post! Very cool and well written.

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