OK that was a long break…

But I’m back!! So I was only in Cancun for a week…which was AH-MAZING!!! Even with the swine flu outbreak (which was totally sensationalized by the media by the way.) At times I wish I were back…but who wouldn’t really?!



I had to take a break from everything. I even stopped reading blogs about infertility or endo. I’ve really been fighting with some things in my head. Mostly about whether or not I really want to even have children. Sounds crazy I know. But I’m pretty sure I’m ruling out In-Vitro…adoption may be our next step. When we actually act on that…who knows. In the meantime, I’ve been renovating our master bath and bedroom. That has kept me pretty pre-occupied. Loving how it is turning out but can’t wait for it to be done!

Now back to Lupron. Since that is the only thing controlling me at this point. With every injection the symptoms change (well for the most part.) It amazes me. This time the hot flashes are minimal (thank God!) but the fatigue and insomnia are intense. Right now I feel like a zombie. I seriously could crash right now…and this is unusual. Also my knee joint pain is pretty intense as well. It just won’t go away. I feel like an old woman!! But I do want to be clear…even with the crazy side effects (which for me have been totally manageable) I would do it all again. I’m trying to schedule my next injection for sometime this week. I hope to get some answers on maybe some adback therapy this time around. The fatigue has got to go!


4 Responses

  1. glad to see you’re back. are you ruling out iui too? i got pregnant on my second iui after my lap and lupron therapy… we’ll see if it sticks.

  2. the water is sooo gorgeous; i want to dive right in! :)
    that’s a wonderful picture of you. <3


  3. Welcome back!!!! We went to Cancun three years ago..and pine for it still. I understand needing to take a blog-break. I’ve been doing less writing and (honestly) less reading myself.

    I hope that you find peace with whatever the decision is that you come to about your family. I had a time where I felt a push towards being child-free as well.

    Hope the Lupron does it’s job!!!

  4. thanks so much for the encouragement. its amazing how you can feel one way and then the next day another. i feel bi-polar at times ;)

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