Lupron side effects.

So I really can’t complain. My last post explains why. I have had a pretty easy time on Lupron but the headache I had last night…well…it was annoying and impossible to get rid of. This was “lupey” headache number two. They only happen in the evening time and sleep usually does the trick. I never wake up with one…which is a plus. I’m getting a little warmer these days…I guess you would call them hot flashes…but they seem pretty minor. Thermostat gets down to 65 at night…I think that is my saving grace ;) So that is all. Just a record of my side effects for anyone interested or starting out on Lupron as well.

I believe my next injection arrives at my RE’s on the 8th. Round two starts soon!


5 Responses

  1. i don’t remember when my hot flashes and night sweats started, but one thing is for sure, if you get them, you will know!!!

  2. Hot flashes stink! All I can say is dress lightly for bed (all cotton) and make sure your sheets are 100% cotton as well.

  3. well if you call a flushed feeling starting in your face and then moving down your body then yeah…they are hot flashes. but im usually super cold natured so in a way its nice.

  4. my experiences with hot flashes are like this: you feel totally normal, and then BAM, it feels like it’s 150* and you are sweating your face off, even though you probably are not sweating at all. with the night sweats i would wake up several times a night, sometimes so sweaty that i felt like i had just stepped out of the shower, i mean i had to get up and towel off, and i’m not usually a sweaty person, i rarely sweat. it was super gross, but just because that’s what happened to me, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with that crap. i hope you don’t!

  5. I’m just on day 6 of my first shot.. I hope i’m as lucky as you’ve been!!!

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