Lupron-Week 2…

So I’m exactly two weeks into my Lupron journey and I haven’t had any symptoms. Other than being overly fatigued yesterday (and a little moody)…but that’s not unusual so I don’t think I can blame the drug. Feeling chipper today despite the rainy/foggy day outside. Come on sunshine and warm weather!!!

My mother went in today to have a colonoscopy. She has struggled for YEARS with IBS (I swear it’s her we inherited the endo from but alas we can’t prove it). They biopsied the colon and are also testing for Celiac Disease. Hmmm… How random is it that I’ve decided to cut down my gluten/wheat intake. So I told her about which grocery stores to hit and that if the prognosis is Celiac there are plenty of options out there. So life is staying pretty interesting in our family.

Now hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself today! Those symptoms better not attack this weekend ;)


4 Responses

  1. I was on Lupron for 3 months before my endo surgery and then again for 3 months after my endo surgery. Other than the hot flashes and the initial shot – it wasn’t so bad.

    Good luck this weekend.


  2. Hello from a fellow endo patient — glad you are tolerating the Lupron well. I think we’ll all feel better when the sun comes back out! Happy ICLW.

  3. good ol’ lupron. I remember the 6 failed months I was on it. I’m stopping by for my first ICLW, but I always following fellow endo people….makes life a little less lonely. :)

  4. Lupron was my nightmare. I hope it does something positive for you.

    I’ve heard for years that a gluten-free diet is helpful for endometriosis. I’ve started that and a hard-core reduction of soy (a phytoestrogen) in my diet and know that I can feel it in my gut (literally!) when I cheat with wheat. Hmm …

    Also, there’s a definite link between endo and IBS. Misery loves company, right?

    I hope you’ll join my support network and blog,

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