No Lupron just yet…

I call my RE’s office yesterday to ask a question about whether or not I should take my BC the day of my Lupron shot. A nurse calls me back and is puzzled as there is no Lupron injection waiting for me at their office. How could that be? Well apparently the pharmacy is supposed to call me with the co-pay info, I pay, and then it gets mailed. But nobody called me and it hasn’t even been through insurance yet. I told the nurse this was the first I have heard of this (why don’t they tell you what to expect for the next appointment…I mean really!). So I’m waiting for them to call me back whenever it turns up.

Oh and I have to do the fasting lab test again. Yeah, they didn’t do what they were supposed to do with my last lab test. I’m so tired of these early morning appointments. I just want to roll in…get a shot…and roll back out. Case closed.


3 Responses

  1. of course i don’t know anything about your insurance, but my insurance billed my lupron injections as a medical claim rather than a pharmacutical claim, medical claims take foreeeeeeeever. i recieved my first injection in the mail from cvs in december, but i only just got billed for it two weeks ago. i paid for my second injection (which i got in january) yesterday, and i haven’t been billed for my third injection yet. crazy.

    • well the pharmacy finally called yesterday evening. i have a $50 co-pay that i pay at the RE’s office when i go in. They’re going to call the office on Monday to get shipping info. So who knows when it will get there. I think someone dropped the ball…and it wasn’t me.

  2. I hate the issues with insurance and ‘specialty’ meds and such! It’s such a frustrating chink on an ever frustrating journey.

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