You can’t miss work for THAT!

Have you ever had a boss that you just didn’t get along with? No matter what you did…how much you worked…or kissed their butt? I had one several years ago. We seemed to get along really well in the beginning. I did my work. I did her work. I did other people’s work. Yet she gave me a less than desirable review. I felt hurt and totally under appreciated. From then on the tension just grew. If she had a problem with me she would email me a hateful note (which I would just pass onto all my cube mates ;) and I just tolerated her alpha female behavior.

Well one day, I can’t even remember the reason now, she called me into her office. I had been missing at least a day or even just a half day a month (and it wasn’t even every month either.) Well let me backtrack first, I had been having some really bad periods. Like doubled over, on the verge of vomiting, can’t get off the toilet periods. The kind that left you hunched over for days because your stomach was too sore even to the touch. So the thought of sitting behind a computer all day just didn’t seem like a good idea. I had sick days…so I used them. Isn’t that what they are for?! OK, so we are talking…she is asking me if I like what I do…which I proceed to say I do not (probably not the best answer…but it was honest) and I tell her it seems like I’m her only target in the office. She gets all defensive…blah, blah, blah…and then shoots back, “and you have to stop taking sick days for your female problems!” I was so taken aback by this…and to be honest I still haven’t gotten over it. I guess now more than ever I just want to send her pictures of my screwed up insides and medical bills and say, “SEE! I was totally legit…I was not faking!!!”

Have you ever come across anybody that thought you were just faking? It is just down right infuriating.


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