Will it ever stop?!

I’ve been on Loestrin 24 for about a month now. Since then I have had spotting every day and I’m going on what seems to be a second bout with break through bleeding. I hate the feeling that comes with that. It’s just like getting your period. PMS. Back pain. Cramping. But I guess without the hassle of actually having a period.

This Friday I’ll go in for my first Lupron shot. If it stops the bleeding I’m all for it.

Off the subject, I turn 30 next month. Which was bad enough but now I’ll get to experience menopause when I turn 30…somehow thats even harder to swallow. My husband is planning a trip for me at the end of April. When details are final I’ll share where we are headed. Let’s just say its WARM!!


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  1. HI there! Returning your visit to my bloghouse earlier today! I hope that Lupron isn’t too rough for you. I’ve never been on it (yet anyway). I’m snagging your URL for my blogroll!!!!!

    Eve (Infertility Rocks!)

  2. Hey thanks! I really enjoy your blog…i always need a dose of funny :)

  3. good luck with the lupron, i had my last injection (lupron injection that is), three weeks ago. i’m glad to be done but it wasn’t that bad. i did have a period after my first injection, but not another one since.

  4. great…another period…oh well…looking forward to the day when i wont have one!!

  5. I had several side effects from loestrin 24, but they mostly vanished after 3 weeks or so. Good luck!

    • I only stayed on Loestrin 24 for about at month. Then I switched to Lupron and now I’m using the Mirena IUD. Too much break through bleeding with Loestrin 24 for me… caused more cysts :/

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