Foster Care Adoption

Has anyone heard anything about foster care adoption. I had an old friend talk to me about it today. She mentioned a friend of hers adopted a little boy this way. They recieve a monthly subsidy and even his college tuition is payed for by the state. I find that almost hard to believe. Being that there is only a 50% chance the adoption will be finalized…is this a good option? Has anyone ever done this?


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  2. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the route Alicia at Yaya Stuff ( and her husband are taking. I could be wrong though, but I think that’s what she’s mentioned in her guest posts at Jeanne’s Endo Blog ( and I believe Jeanne has mentioned it as well.

  3. I have never done this personally, but I am a therapist who works with kids and teens, and I have worked with MANY kids in the foster care system (some who were adopted).

    Each state is different, but it IS common for foster kids who are adopted to be able to keep their medical card (state covered Medicaid). Different states have different policies on paying for college. I know in Illinois, the state will pay for college tuition for foster teens, but not sure what happens once they’re adopted. Also, it depends on the needs of your child if you continue to get subsidy payments or not.

    The best way to find out about your state is to Google your state’s foster system and talk with someone there. Fosteriing can be very challening because state welfare systems are pretty messed up, and sometimes kids go back to parents who don’t seem to give a flip about them. But it’s a much more affordable alternative to private adoption.

    GL! Eve from

  4. I worked in AL and GA as a foster care SW. In AL and GA the children were allowed to keep their Medicaid and in several cases there were other “perks” such as subsidized preschool and monthly payments for the kids until they were 18 (if the kids were a special population).

    My hubby and I discussed FC adoption but decided it was not for us. I was adoption worker and I saw how long it took, the disrupted adoptions, etc. It’s dfefinitely more affordable than private adoption but you most likely will not get an infant and the adoption process usually takes longer than it does in private adoptions.

  5. Wow…thanks for all the info! Seriously.

    While my husband and I have never talked about this option as a unit, I still wanted to feel it out. Oh, and I also want to clarify that having “perks” would not sway my decision either way. I was just curious at how the system worked.

  6. I found your blog via liberalgranolagirl’s blog.

    J at autoimmunelife (above) was right…

    My friend is going through foster-to-adopt right now and she blogs about it extensively. She has endo, has had multiple miscarriages, has been trying to conceive for over 6 years and is on fertility drugs. Her blog covers the gamut!

    Here it is again:

    Yaya Stuff…

    Good luck!


  7. Yaya here. Heard you were interested in foster-to-adopt. That is the process we are currently in. We do not have children places w/ us yet as we are waiting for our homestudy to go through, but it has (so far) turned out to be the best route of adoption for us. Although it is a very EXTENSIVE process to get certified (at least here in NY). We had to take 10 weeks of classes, 3 hours a week, but 3 extra training sessions for things like CPR, plus the homestudy where they come to your house and inspect it and interview about basically every event in your entire life. ;)
    Once the child is placed with you it is technically under “foster care” for 6 months until the adoption goes through. This is IF you pick a child that has been cleared for adoption already. Typically kids 5 and older have already been cleared and their adoption will go through within 6 months to a year. If you want a younger child you can “gamble” and do baby and toddler foster care and then if the baby gets signed over (parents are unfit and now awarded the child back) then you have first dibbs on adoption of that baby. However, you also run the risk that they get returned. We are hoping for a little girl right now that we have been looking at on the database who is 8 years old and cleared for adoption. She obviously has some emotional issues (depression, PTSD) which is pretty typical of most kids in this situation because of all they have endured in their short life. But the agency is completely supportive and the child has mandated counseling sessions, therapy, etc.
    Yes you do get “paid” each month while the child is in “foster care” but it’s not money could live off of, just money to cover the child’s expenses.
    If you have anymore questions just jot me an email.
    In the right column of my blog is a list of links to the posts I’ve done about our adoption process so far. We started out very skeptical and not liking the classes but it has ended up being a really good thing for us.

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