Friday mornings are rough.

My DH works for the church as a Media Director and if you know anything about ministers it’s that they get Fridays off. I think it’s a great idea since they have to work Sundays but it makes it awfully tough for me to roll out of bed when he is able to sleep in! At least I had a good nights sleep. Yesterday felt like a zombie…all day! A zombie with a perpetual headache :/ I’m assuming maybe the headaches are from the BC. I don’t usually get them…especially the ones that OTC drugs won’t even touch. This past week however, I’ve had a couple. I had a terrible one over the weekend…I tried a left over percocet on Saturday…no luck…Sunday I snuck my husbands vicodin and voila! it was gone. Probably not the best idea as I was giving blood the following day. Try to explain that one. Let’s pray they don’t report any drug abuse ;)


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  1. i’m nominating you for the honest scrap award! you can get the icon form my blog…

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