it’s baaack!

Ok. It’s been 4 weeks to the day since I had my laparoscopy. Everything has healed nicely. Incisions look good (minus the one random stitch that I saw that luckily disappeared before I had to get it removed.) Today was my second post-op appt. Three weeks ago they started me on Loestrin 24. Only side effect is break through bleeding and spotting everyday. So its like I had two periods since my surgery. Lucky me. Anywho…I went in this morning for a vaginal ultrasound and yeah…I have 2 endometriomas in my ovary already…ALREADY!! Isn’t that just awesome. My endo doesn’t mess around! I gave some blood…got a cervical culture…and cried to my RE (did I mention I really love that man…well you know as much as a girl can love a gyno.) So the next plan of attack: LUPRON. I was so against it but it seems to be my best option at the moment. And until I make up my little mind as to what my next step is…I could be on this stuff for a year. I’ve already been told to carry a fan with me…and I hope my husband doesn’t mind if I just set that thermostat to 60 at night. So March 6th I’ll start my journey…my menopausal journey.


5 Responses

  1. Oh no!!!!!!
    Good luck with lupron :(
    I… wow… I’m so sorry to hear about all of that. :(

  2. ha thanks… i’m dreading the lupron but at this point i’ll do whatever it takes to suppress this junk. i’m just amazed at how aggressive it can be :/ just pray i don’t get some crazy mood swings… i don’t think my husband could survive that for 6 months (or however long i’ll be on it ;)

  3. it’s not thaaaaaaaaaat bad, really it isn’t. i mean hot flashes and night sweats yes, that part does suck, but it’s not like you’ll be deathly ill or anything. i read some crazy stuff about lupron and um, i think some crazy people that had other problems before they took lupron wrote that stuff!

  4. thanks katery… i think i needed to hear that. im already feeling hot at night (no night sweats or anything) so i have to turn the A/C on when we go to bed. i assume its from the low estrogen im on now plus the added bonus of my furnace of a dog! this morning when i woke up my husband was shivering downstairs but was too afraid to turn the heat on. ha. at least im getting him acclimated ;)

  5. hi there sorry to hear this I am also in the same boat but am yet to have my lap, my thyroid was a mess…. best of luck and sorry its come back so quickly

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