awww man…

So af came for a visit yesterday…darn her. I was hoping to start the new birth control in time to bypass it. However, due to some insurance changes I wasn’t able to get my pills until this afternoon. Man this new insurance plan stinks. I had to pay a $75 prescription deductible on top of the co-pays. So with 3 packs that came to a total of $157. Good times. It’s a new type of birth control for me. Loestrin 24. I’ll take it continuously…meaning no periods for quite a while…I think I can deal with that! Let’s hope I don’t have any weird side effects. My only question is…should I wait till Sunday to start like you typically would…or do I start taking the pill tomorrow?! hmmm…

Is it just me or does it seem like EVERYONE is extra fertile these days…everywhere I look there are pregnant women…is it bad that I secretly HATE that?!

I’m also curious at what exactly all the costs are for IVF…it’s been 6 years since my sister went through the whole thing. Am I softening to the idea?! I don’t know.


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