I made it!

First off, the bowel prep was pretty terrible (and it was flavored.) I did really good getting the the first 2-1/2 liters down…it was the last bit that had me severely nauseous. But I mustered to get at least 3 more glasses down. I suppose I was cleaned out pretty good. No complaints from the Drs. The next morning my blood sugar was so low and I was so weak that they offered me a wheelchair to take me back to the pre-op. I was white as a ghost. So in a way I was looking forward to the IV. I checked in at the outpatient desk and they took me right back. I had to take a pregnancy test (how ironic.) and then change into the lovely robe. Then came the IV. NOT fun. They would only put it in the top of my hand. Luckily I had already asked to lay down flat. But the smelling salts came out anyway. Then I asked was it STILL supposed to hurt till I looked up and found the nurse literally squeezing the fluid into my IV. Once she stopped it was fine…and I felt much better. Being dehydrated is no fun. They also took some blood to put into the database in case I needed a transfusion or something like that. Then all my family and friends got to see me before they took me back. I remember being rolled into the operating room and thinking how cool it looked. Next thing I remember is being in recovery and finally waking up. I had no nausea and I felt pretty darn good. They hooked me up with some pain meds and I even have a patch behind my ear to keep me from getting sick. I was really impressed with all the nurses and doctors…they were all so nice…and they were in no hurry to kick me out. So I got to sleep quite a bit. Only problem was my bladder was insanely full but I could not for the life of me urinate. I tried several times with nothing…and my stomach was getting uncomfortable. So they put in a catheter (which I thought was going to be horrendous…it wasn’t at all…maybe it was because the lidocaine my RE told her to use. Anways they drained 800 ccs out of me…talk about relief. But I still could not urinate on my own after that. They then decided to move me to the short term care area. Where I finally made three trips the bathroom with success. So by 945 I was finally discharged. yay! Too bad I had to go a million times during the night. They had given me 5 bags of fluid…that is freaking a lot…I was so puffy.

Now the news, the pathologist report came back negative!! But I do have stage 4 endo (apparently it looked like spider webs in there.) And he cleaned out my tubes…which are worthless…they don’t work. So there is my answer. Can I have children on my own? no. I’ll be meeting with my RE on Monday…He’ll discuss the findings and I’ll finally get to see the pictures…apparently he took a bunch. I think he was totally shocked when he went in to see how bad it was. At first he didn’t know if he could take care of all of it with the lap but he did. So no big incisions. My belly button is bothering me right now…I also have 3 more tin incisions (2 on one side, 1 on the other.) Oh and they gave me another IV in the side of my arm. Not sure why though but at least I was asleep. I’ve done really well. I think I keep shocking folks when they call me. Of course it may be the meds that are making me so chipper and talkative. So other than some minor pain and discomfort I feel great. Just trying to stay pretty hydrated.

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouraging words! I’m so glad its over…well at least for now. I’ll keep everyone posted on my nest RE appt. It should be interesting.

p.s. don’t mind any typos you might see because I have lost my sight looking at things close…even with my glasses on. Waiting for that to go away so I can actually read a magazine or something!


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  1. Sorry that the bowel prep was so horrible :(
    Ooooh lucky you being awake for your cath going in, I’m glad it didn’t hurt. I had one put in during my surgery once they finished the bladder procedure they did… And luckily I was able to pee pretty quickly after they took it out, though I don’t remember whether it was easy or not (still had morphine and vic or something in my system) … I’d stayed overnight too….. though that seems to be the norm with my specialist, at least for those who have certain procedures done… he has two different hospitals he works out of.
    I wonder if they did two IV’s to help get more fluids into you? I’m not really sure. Or was one removed and then the second put in?
    I’m so sorry to hear about your stage of your endo and your tubes :( ((hugs))
    Hope you start feeling better the rest of the way soon :)

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