Not looking forward to this:


I go to pick up my prescription and they pass me a GALLON jug. Seriously. I googled it to get the downlow on how people actually do this. Found lots of things to do or not to do. I called the pharmacist to see if they had any advice…what exactly was the best way to drink a gallon of this stuff. He was no help. Read straight from the directions…duh…I can do that…just didn’t know if you had an insiders tip! Pointless. Going to the store to get some broth for tomorrow. I hear its better to start on a liquid diet before cleaning out the colon. Apparently it’s also a good idea to invest in some desitin too…I mean come on…what IS this stuff?! So hoping this will go quickly and painlessly.


2 Responses

  1. Baby wipes…. or something of that type… Invest in those too…. That’s something that is at the top of my list for the next time I have to do one.
    I have no advice on drinking that though, I’m sorry…. I used a Fleet prep kit.
    Definitely start the liquid diet as early as you can to do that stuff….. I didn’t…. it wasn’t fun… not that something like that will ever be fun, but… you know.

  2. I wish I had looked in on your blog before now. I have had to do two colon cleanses. My suggestions would have been 1. to agree with getting some baby wipes; 2. to ask your doc about flavoring the solution with Crystal Light to make it easier to drink; 3. to plan for your reading material to go the distance (60 page magazine=bad, 1000 page novel=good); 4. if you have one, use a small folding table to hold any items you want handy so they are accessible.

    I hope the surgery went smoothly and you’re doing well. Give us an update when you’re feeling up to it.

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