Is this a record?!

My insurance just authorized/approved my surgery just 4 days prior. That has to be cutting it close. To be honest I was getting a little nervous about it…wondering if the wrong social security # had something to do with it. Probably. Anywho…guess we’re all set.

Dropped off my prescriptions this afternoon. Percocet, Doxycycline and one more (can’t remember the name) for the glorious colon cleanse I’ll be doing on Sunday. Hoping that won’t be as bad as I think.

Trying to think of last minute stuff I need to get done before I’m stuck in a bed for the week. Wash sheets…clean bathroom and kitchen…buy more dog chews (so he’ll leave me alone)…finish graphic stuff for work. I know it’s a courtesy to tell co-workers you’ll be out for a week but it’s really getting stressful. I keep getting loaded up with stuff to do “before I leave.” Note to self: keep this a secret next time ;)

Feeling less than great today. I feel like my eyes are 100 lbs. I keep feeling the stress in my neck/shoulders/jaw. I’m a jaw clencher…I hate it. So I’m feeling very fatigued today.


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