That is all I have to say at this point. I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. Can I just say that it is so worth the extra time and expense to hire competent people! For the patient’s sake at least. It was a little unnerving having someone register me for surgery that could NOT spell “hummingbird” or “cardinal” (each of these words corresponds to some of my personal info.) Wow. She was so unsure of what she was doing that I would not be surprised if I showed up on Monday and they had no clue who I was! Not to mention my info wasn’t in the computer system AND my re’s office has me under the WRONG social security number. REALLY PEOPLE?! OMG. Oh and let’s not forget my surgery isn’t even authorized yet by my insurance… it’s a week away! AND it’s like pulling teeth to get anyone to call me back! Sorry…I just had to vent…this is getting a little too ridiculous for me.


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