Good news.

Got a call the other day from RE’s office and for once there is good news. My thyroid levels are at a 1.3 (down from a 3.75). And since they wanted me between a 1-2, I guess I’m doing pretty good. I just have to pick up my prescription and continue on the meds (Levothyroxin). I was hoping to be able to stop taking them but seeing as there are no side effects and its actually doing what it’s supposed to…I can’t complain.

I’m still trying to learn these automated voice answering systems. I called back the nurse that left me a voicemail…when I was supposed to call in a prescription…if only I’d waited for the appropriate number to press. So I got it in late. I had to miss todays dose…hopefully that won’t be a problem. Needless to say…I’m learning the ins and outs of all this stuff…just not quick enough.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and it has snuck up on me. I’ll get off at 12pm from work (for my family…go figure…I shouldn’t be working at all!) Then office party. Lunch with the in-laws. Throw roast in crock pot. Go to church. Come home eat dinner…then dessert…then bed…then CHRISTMAS!

Now off to Wal-Mart :( and home to do housework…and church work…what joy is mine.


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  1. Merry Christmas, I hope it was a wonderful day!

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