so its been a while…

I haven’t posted in a few days…mainly because I try to forget about everything thats going on. But it always come back. It’s always there…in the back of my mind. I’ve been trying to contact the “scheduler” at my RE’s office. With no luck. I’ve left two messages. How is it that I can schedule some labwork for tomorrow (to test my thyroid levels again) but not be able to schedule a surgery. Frustrating.

So I did a major overhaul on my bedroom these past couple of weeks. Attacked the mountain of laundry my DH refuses to wash. Dusted…vacuumed…the whole nine yards. I’m crossing my fingers for a new king size bed for Christmas. That would be a dream come true. My queen size been is just too tight with us two and my 40 lb dog…that hogs my side of the bed mind you. NEVER let a dog sleep with you people…trust me on this. I would give anything for a good nights sleep (dog for sale…j/k).

Christmas will be here in a week. Wow. Time is moving way too quick. 2009 will be here before I know it. Not sure I’m ready for it. Odd numbered years are usually good ones (at least when I look back they seem to be)…but I have a feeling this one may be different. Does that sound too pessimistic? Maybe it is. I always like to plan for the worst. That way things are never as bad as you think. Anyone else do this?!


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