Trying not to panic.

Visited the GYN oncologist today. Liked him a lot. Had to fill out more paperwork and get yet another exam. Apparently, the CA125 tumeral marker (that was elevated in my lab results) means there is a small chance my cyst(s) may be malignant. But the DR assured me it was a very small chance. He will be on call during the laparoscopy in case things get weird. He says Endo is more than likely the cause of the elevated marker. I feel very comfortable with my DRs just anxious to get this all over with. I have another DR appt on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll find out when everything is scheduled. It better not be when I’m having my period. That would just be icing on the cake. I’ll keep you posted on the date.

I just want to thank those who have sent encouraging words my way. I really do appreciate the heads up on what to expect and look forward to every insight you may send my way. You ladies rock!


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  1. i hope you can have your surgery soon, it’s so hard to be patient when you feel like all you’ve been doing is being patient!

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