Here it goes…

So last night, at dinner with a bunch of friends mind you, I finally received a phone call from my DR. Here are the results:

– thyroid is a little elevated, still normal, but more elevated than they would like for conception (he assured me I did not have hypothyroidism)

– my cholesterol scored a 207… max is 200 so I have to regulate with diet and exercise (I’m only 5’9, 150 lbs, 29 yrs old)

– LDL was perfect

– I have masses on my right side, not sure if on ovary or tube, but out of the 4 tumeral markers they test, only the CA125 was elevated leading them to believe I have endo (very small chance it is not endo)

– insulin levels were normal

– sugar was a 93 (whatever that means…guessing that’s normal as well)

– prolactin was a little elevated (right on the limit)

– androgens were normal (which is surprising…why do i have all this acne and hair?!)

All that to say I’m going in to have these endometrial cysts removed… right here around the holidays… lucky me. I did tell the doctor that I couldn’t do this mainly because my insurance wouldn’t cover infertility procedures. He assured me he would work everything out because this was not a fertility matter… I needed to get these things out. So he is scheduling an appt for me. I have no idea when it will be…I’ll just be anxiously waiting like I always do. Crazy thing is…I’m only afraid of the I.V. I pass out from getting blood drawn…I can’t imagine what getting an I.V. will do. Plus I’ve only been under once, to get my wisdom teeth out, and even that was not pleasant. I react strongly to anesthesia. My sister had two laparoscopies so I’m picking her brain for details. I guess this is the most non-invasive thing I could have done. Does anyone have any advice? How should I prepare for this?


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  1. I have had two surgeries, and I started hyperventilating upon waking from both of them. It’s not fun, but I was less scared the second time. The only advice I can think of to give you is to give some thought to where you want them to put the IV (left or right, maybe what part of your arm if they give you the choice) because I end up making a spot decision based on nothing, because I didn’t don’t they were going to ask. Also, don’t go against whatever instructions they give you, but drink as much water and fluids as you can up until you have to stop eating and drinking so you’ll be hydrated and your veins will be plump and easy to find. When is your surgery?

  2. well i know exactly how you feel! i just found out yesterday that i’m having laparoscopic surgery on wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. it kind of sucks that it has to be over the holiday, but at the same time i’m happy that i am able to have it just a week after my re decided to do it. i all ready had the surgery once,so i can tell you that as far as surgery goes, it’s a pretty mild one. good luck to you!

  3. oh, and i have to add to that that having my wisdom teeth out was like 10 times worse than having the laparoscopy… having my wisdom teeth out was by far the worst experience of my entire life, way worse than laparscopic surgery, i promise.

  4. brandyberry: I’m not sure as of yet when my surgery will be. I have another appt next tuesday so hoping to find out then. Thanks for the pointers. I’ve been told to avoid having the IV in my hand…so I’m keeping that in mind. I’ll be sure to drink lots.

    katery: thanks for helping put things into perspective. If I can survive having my wisdom teeth out then this should be OK :) Good luck this week with your surgery…I pray everything goes smoothly for you!

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