I need answers.

The dinner with the in-laws went OK. That’s about all I can say. For some reason I didn’t feel that great about it…but I guess it was fine. For some reason things got all wrapped up in money. Like the lottery. That if they could win the lottery they would give us money to make whatever happen…well…happen. But I feel so weird putting so much focus on finances. I strongly feel that it is only right for DH and I to pay for this. I’m sure people would call me crazy…I guess I am a little. It would be so much easier to just get everything going. To have all my tests done while everything is so fresh.

In the middle of dinner, I received a call from the DR. I had partial results back. One saying my thyroid levels were a little elevated to a 3.75. They would prefer a 1-2 level. So they were calling in a prescription for that. Also, my cholesterol was high. My only question is… should I take the meds even if I’ll be waiting for treatment? Hopefully I’ll get the rest of the results in soon… I feel like I might make a better decision then. In the meantime, I’ll have to check to see if this new prescription is covered by our insurance. I’m crossing my fingers.

I’m feeling a little clingy these days. Its been tough having a sick and stressed out DH. At a time when I need someone to take care of me…I’m taking care of someone else. I’m not one to crave attention but I’ve been longing just to be held…to be comforted. I have to say though… most of the time DH has come through for me amidst all the junk going on in his life. It may take a while but he somehow gets the right words out and most importantly…holds me tight. The perfect medicine for a worry some wife.


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